Never Cry over Spilled Luggage Again!

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If you’ve ever had your luggage burst open at any time during handling, you know it’s one of the worst feelings ever. There you are staring down at your gaping luggage that has spilled forth all your clothing. It’s embarrassing to say the least and not a little bit inconvenient. Or perhaps it comes off the luggage carousel partially opened and as you stand there watching it make it’s way toward you, you’re wondering what might be missing from it.

There are many reasons why the closing mechanisms on luggage might fail and it’s not always because the case is too full. Luggage often endures pretty rough treatment and sometimes luggage malfunctions can happen during handling. It’s always good to have a backup and luggage straps offer that extra layer of protection.

I personally use the StrapSafe 100 luggage strap for a few reasons. The nylon strap is very durable and it’s easily adjustable so it fits most luggage sizes, up to 74 inches. It has a little velcro tie so that you can secure any excess part of the strap that would otherwise be hanging loose. Some luggage straps don’t offer this and you’re left with trying to tuck it in somewhere to prevent it from getting caught up or stepped on.

Some of my favorite features are that it helps me to identify my bag quickly which is great when you have a black suitcase and all other travelers own black cases too. It has an indicator light that lights up to alert you when TSA has opened your luggage. It comes with a TSA approved combination lock so if you’re not able to lock your luggage, this is a nice alternative.

The StrapSafe 100 luggage strap will give you a little more peace of mind. No more crying over spilled luggage!

This brightly colored strap discourages theft, makes baggage identification easy, and features patented Baggage Constrictor™ technology that prevents it from being loosened. Made of sturdy nylon webbing. (74 x 2″).

Here are some places where you can get the StrapSafe 100

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Magellan’s ( – StrapSafe 100

Amazon ( – Pacsafe Strapsafe 100 Anti-Theft Tsa Luggage Strap With Indicator, Yellow/Black
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