EarPlanes Ear Plugs Stop Ear Pain During Flight

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EarPlanes® Adult Size (two pair)
Many people, young and old, experience pressure and ear pain during flying, particularly during take-off and landing. This is caused by the changes in cabin pressure, which affects the flow of air in your ear and can cause a very unpleasant sensation. If you are flying with children, especially young ones, you have a few options to avoid or ease ear pain associated with flying. Giving little kids a bottle to drink from, a pacifier to suck on or for older kids, gum to chew will keep the ears “popping” and adjusting.

A good option is using ear plugs, such as EarPlanes. They are made from a soft silicon rubber and very comfortable when inserted in your child’s ear. The CeramX filters inside the plug are designed to help your ear regulate the changing air pressure. They work best when inserted before take-off and again once the plane starts descending. EarPlanes were designed by professional hearing specialists and tested by US Navy pilots for their effectiveness.

If you are planning on going on a plane trip with your small children, or you suffer with ear pain on airplanes yourself, consider packing a set of EarPlanes in your hand luggage. It could mean the difference between a painful flight and a pleasant one.

carries EarPlanes in Children’s and Adult sizes at www.magellans.com:
Children’s Size
Adult Size

Amazon also carries EarPlanes Earplugs at www.amazon.com. Here’s a direct link to the product –
EarPlanes Pressure Regulating Earplugs 3 Pairs

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    When i go for travel i always wear earplug, it is very helpful for comfort travel. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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