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Where will you take your family on your next family vacation? If you’re looking for some place warm, relaxing, while at the same time full of history and adventure, consider traveling to Egypt. Some refer to Egypt as Africa’s answer to the Caribbean. Not only does it have luxurious hotels and gorgeous beaches, Egypt has a rich history and unique architecture dating back thousands of years.

Egypt has come a long way in regard to tourism. It is more than just pyramids and other ancient monuments (although those are incredible attractions). It’s becoming more popular as a family vacation area, because there is something for everyone there. Here are some ideas about what to do with your family in Egypt.


There is a thriving night life in Egypt. Dance clubs and other entertainments are available in the cities. Some hotels offer entertainment on site in the form of youth clubs. There are cafes, amusement parks, shows, dancers, and all sorts of entertainment for all ages.


Beautiful shopping malls grace the cityscape of Egypt. Because there are so many other attractions in Egypt, one adult can take the kids to do something kid-friendly while another adult enjoys him or herself shopping.


The history of Egypt is still one of its main attractions, and for good reason. The Egyptian culture goes back thousands of years and was amazingly advanced in some ways.

* Visit the Valley of the Kings, and your family can take donkey rides above the area.

* To see the pyramids, go to Giza, Saqqara, and Dashur. Tours abound and are fascinating for everyone in the family. The low ceilings of the passageways leading into the pyramids are just the right height for children!

* The museum at Cairo is full of ancient Egyptian history. Mummies, artifacts, the entire Tutankhamen collection and much more are there for the viewing. If your children did not have an interest in Egyptian history before, they will after visiting the Cairo museum.


Golf lovers can play a round of golf with the beautiful pyramids looming in the background. While Dad plays golf, Mom and the kids can enjoy water sports, swimming pools, or shopping.


The local cuisine is exciting and enriching, but American chains abound as well. This is a boon for parents of young children who are picky about trying new fare, or who rely on cheeseburgers to get their kids to eat out.

Water Sports

Water sports are thriving in Egypt. There is scuba diving, parasailing, and beautiful boat rides on the ancient Nile. There are seaside resorts that are child-friendly, too, taking the family beach vacation to another level.

There are so many exciting things to do in this culturally and historically rich country. You can take camel safaris, donkey rides, and watch belly dancers. You can explore fascinating history and modern entertainments. Egypt truly is the total package.

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