6 Tips to Keep your Kids Safe at the Water Park

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Summer is here and with temperatures on the rise, water parks are a fun way to spend a hot summer day. Plus, they are places the whole family can enjoy. These are parks that are filled with water-based activities and excitement. They may offer water slides ranging from simple to extreme, wave pools of varying depths, fountains that shoot out water, lazy rivers, and other types of water rides and bathing pools.

But when you’re surrounded by this much water, and several excited children, there are some dangers to look out for. Here are some ways to keep your children safe while playing at the water park.

* Read the rules before the kids play. Water parks are filled with different features, each appropriate for different ages and swimming abilities. Read the safety precautions before sending your kids into the water to play. There could be height, age, swimming ability, or medical ability conditions for the various activities.

* Listen to the lifeguard. Be sure there is sufficient lifeguard supervision. They make sure swimmers follow the rules for some of the water slides and other rides. Remind your kids to listen to the lifeguard. If there is no lifeguard at the park you’re visiting, be extra vigilant about keeping an eye on your kids.

* Remember not to run. Kids love to run when they get excited, and they’re bound to get excited playing in a water park. However, running on the slippery decks of a water park can be very dangerous. Your child could hurt himself or someone else.

* Use life jackets. If your children aren’t strong swimmers, or can’t swim, put a life jacket on them before they go out to play. Life jackets are usually available for free at water parks. Call the park ahead of time to find out. If they’re not supplied, bring along your own.

* Stranger danger. With so many kids and adults in one busy area, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of your own children in the crowd. Before letting them loose, remind your children of your family rules for responding to strangers. For example, don’t talk to an adult you don’t know unless they’re a park employee. Let your child know where they can find you, and then stay there so you can be easily located in case of emergency.

* Sun Protection. Sun damage can happen quickly, especially when the skin is wet. Before the kids go play, put some waterproof sunscreen on them to prevent sun burn or other sun damage. Make sure you follow the instructions for reapplying. One application may not give enough protection for the length of your visit. For playing outside of the pool, keep sun hats, visors, and shirts on hand.

By following these safety tips, you will help ensure that your visit to the water park will be a safe and fun experience for the entire family.

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