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Cruising is an excellent way to vacation. The all-inclusive nature of a cruise provides vacationers with the opportunity to see the sights and yet not have to worry about the minor details like food, lodging, and entertainment. Ok, not so minor, right? Not so cheap either, which can make cruising a more cost-friendly way to go, especially for families.

A cruise at any time of the year can be a delight. Now imagine a warm, sunny cruise in the middle of a cold, damp winter! Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s a wonderful escape that can provide all kinds of great memories. You’ll have a chance to shop, soak up sunshine, explore historic places, and view spectacular natural landscapes. Here are some of the top cruise destinations for winter.

1. Australia and New Zealand

It doesn’t get much more “south” than the sunny southern hemisphere, which is in the middle of summer during January. You can scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef, tour the Sidney Opera House, and visit the historic area known as “The Rocks.” In New Zealand, there are lovely national parks like Tongariro National Park, the first national park in New Zealand and Fiordland National Park. Expect a cruise to this part of the world to last about two weeks.

2. South America

A South American cruise offers sightseeing in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, and other destinations. You can see the Amazon River and the Galapagos Islands. When you choose a South American cruise, your choice is based on the sights you want to see, as there are many South American cruise routes.

3. Caribbean

On a Southern Caribbean cruise, you will get to see the islands that are dry and warm this time of year, such as Aruba and Barbados. This is a wonderful cruise for those interested in or fascinated by volcanoes. There are also dense rain forests on the islands of Grenada, Tobago, and St. Lucia.

Cruises to the Bahamas are included in Eastern Caribbean cruises, particularly those that set sail from Florida. The islands of St. John, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico are usually visited on these cruises.

If you choose a Western Caribbean cruise, you can visit Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, and Cozumel.

4. Dubai

For an exotic cruise with a Middle Eastern flavor, Dubai is an excellent choice. There is also very good shopping in Dubai, and the soft, sandy beaches with year-round sun are said to be very beautiful and ideal for relaxing.

5. Hong Kong

This teeming, vibrant city is a good cruise destination for the winter. Its impressive harbor, Victoria Harbor, provides a striking view. You can engage in dolphin-watching, or watch a “Symphony of Lights” at Victoria Harbor.

6. Hawaii

Another volcano-intensive cruise, a trip to Hawaii in the winter months is a tradition for some. The temperature in Hawaii remains pretty much constant, and the beautiful beaches and spectacular views make this a popular cruise in winter. You get all the exotic experience of an out-of-the-country cruise, but without worrying about changing currency or other international travel headaches.

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